Sweet and Sour

This is my first attempt at writing for the Trifecta Writing Challenge where a set word is given (here it was ‘exhaust’) along with a definition, and you have to incorporate this into a piece of writing between 33 and 333 words long. My response is 275 words long. Check out how other people got on here: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/

He hadn’t changed his bed-sheets for a whole two months when he produced the ring from his underwear drawer. The tacky pink-coloured diamond caught the light from his cheap red desk lamp. So, this was it. As a young girl, I’d expected candlelight, red roses, and a beautiful jewel. But hey – you win some, you lose some right?!

As a young boy – and as the thirty-three year-old man he was that day – he expected a yes. He got a ‘hmmm’.

I needed a few minutes to think. Plus, last night’s leftover sweet and sour chicken was glaring at me from the bedside table, making me feel nauseous.

I tried to ignore the smell of the Chinese as I took a moment to consider the rest of my life. He was smart. PhD smart in-fact. But he bought tacky pink-coloured jewels for me. He was a great cook. But he loved the sickening pineapple/pepper/red sauce/chicken concoction, whereas I’m more of a pizza girl. He was beautifully handsome, but he didn’t change his bed-sheets for an awful long time…

…in the light from the cheap desk lamp, I looked into his pleading eyes, and I thought, I can exhaust the pros and cons of saying ‘yes’, or I could just say itOr I could say no and maybe meet someone with better housekeeping skills and a love of pepperoni pizza. But despite the flaws, I loved him.

So I said yes.

The next day – the first of the rest of our lives together – I hired him a maid. Fresh sheets every week for the rest of my life? Life was sweet.


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