This is a poem I first wrote a draft of during a Creative Writing workshop at University, and later re-drafted to include in my Writing Portfolio which was assessed at the end of the module. I got a First for my portfolio which I was extremely pleased with. Here’s the final draft of the poem.

Big, juicy drops of rain fell from the murky sky.

The drops were pelting down.

Hard, fast.

I was wet…

…He was wet too.

We had no umbrella.

We were open to the elements.

He held my hand.

And in the miserable rain,

He kissed my cheek,

As the rain kissed the ground.

We walked past cafes,

And shops,

With steamy windows.

Steamy windows,

Steamy kiss.

Drip, drop,

Drop, drip.

Rain, rain,

Wet, rain.

I pictured rain falling,

Falling into the sea.

Too much water.

Too many rain kisses.

But there could never be too many kisses…

It was raining.

We were wet.











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