This weekend’s challenge from is to write 33 words, including the word ‘stone’ somewhere. 

They march off smiling. Proud to be serving their country. Mothers weep. 

Telegrams. Killed in action. Mothers scream.

In a field of poppies, a white stone cross marks their resting place. Mothers, childless. 


18 thoughts on “Sons

  1. Could be daughters too these days. “a white stone cross”… also could be a white stone magendavid, or a white stone star and crescent… This is a great story. Stark in its brevity. Chilling, slams you in the heart with its stark matter of factness.

  2. Ohh,this is so profound & heart rending.Laying down one’s life for the country -nothing nobler but so sad for the mothers whose nests become empty forever.-the last line is so full of grief-a great piece of writing:-)

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