Tea Time

This week’s Trifecta Challenge is to use the word ‘time’ along with the definition ‘an appointed/fixed time for something to happen, begin, or end’. I thought it would be interesting to contrast such an ordinary time with a time of crisis, so here’s what I came up with. http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/


I’m exhausted. Harry’s been so grizzly today, so hot and needy, only wanting to sit on my knee and have cuddles with Brown Bear. I made him spaghetti for his tea, his favourite. Tea time is Harry’s favourite time of the day, it means food, and getting to sit in a big boy’s chair, and Daddy coming home. Today he wouldn’t eat. I put him to bed early, and as I was putting his pyjamas on, I noticed the beginnings of a rash on his legs. I gave him a spoon of Calpol and read him his favourite bedtime story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. He sleepily said ‘Nobody wanted the tiger, did they Mummy?’ as I kissed him goodnight.


I’m exhausted. The past twenty four hours have been a blur of sirens, doctors, nurses, worry. When I heard the word ‘meningitis’ said first, I threw up. Spaghetti sick. There’s no big boy’s chair for Harry at tea time tonight, but a hospital room full of wires and bleeping machines. I’m too out of my mind with worry to eat. I manage a cup of lukewarm coffee from a vending machine, and wait. He’s got Brown Bear, I think to myself, he’ll be OK.


I’m exhausted. But home again. I make Harry’s favourite in time for tea, spaghetti. I set my plate down opposite his. But there’s no Harry with a face covered in orange sauce smiling back at me. Just Brown Bear. They couldn’t save him. Nobody wanted meningitis, did they Harry? I think to myself. Brown Bear just looks at me. 


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