Little Red Love of My Life

This week’s Trifecta Challenge is to write between 33 and 333 words using the word ‘color’ (being from the UK, I’m adding the ‘u’), and to use the definition ‘blush’. Here’s my 329 words, check out others at

I like to think of things in terms of colour. Let me give you an example. Happiness is the colour blue. It’s cloudless sky on a spring afternoon, the taste of ripe blueberries from the bush in our garden, and the colour of the ocean, where we loved to swim.

Tomorrow’s going to be a black day when we say goodbye to you, my love. Black hearse, black clothes, black mood.

Whenever I think of my life with you, I think of it as red. It’s the colour of the scarlet dress you were wearing the very first time I laid eyes on you at the town dance. It’s the colour on your cheeks everytime we kissed – from that first time outside the dance hall, up until our final peck last week – you always blushed. I can’t believe I’ll never kiss you again…

Red was the colour of the fire engine that we had to call out way too many times when you were cooking. You were always a terrible cook. We practically lived off Heinz tomato soup for thirty eight years, but I loved you all the same.

Red was the colour of the two faint lines on the positive test you showed me that meant you were expecting our baby. I almost burst with happiness.

Red was the colour of the little girl’s coat in our daughter’s favourite bedtime fairytale. I loved to hear you read it to her, although you preferred Cinderella. I hope I was good enough as your Prince Charming. I know I wasn’t perfect, but who is?

Red is the colour of the rose you’ll be buried with tomorrow. The same colour as the one I gave you on our wedding day all those years ago. A token of my love for all of eternity.

What does eternity look like to me now that you’re gone? Eternity looks red too. I’ll love you forever, my darling. I’ll never stop loving you…


15 thoughts on “Little Red Love of My Life

  1. Oh my…I’m not usually a romantic sentiment kind of girl, but this gave me goosebumps and a wish to be the woman that would have this written about them after they’re gone. I love the way you took the prompt, and now I think I’m going to go read this again…

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