Everlasting Love

This week’s challenge from http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/ is to write between 33 and 333 words including the word ‘door’ using the definition ‘a means of access or participation e.g. opens new doors’.

When I first met you, we were smitten with each other. Always hand in hand, always kissing, always happy.

But that feels like a lifetime ago now. I don’t remember who you are anymore.

When I gave myself to you that first time, how was I to know that in that moment of pure ecstasy, I was opening the door to a life of misery?

Over the years, I’ve asked time and time again for you to sort yourself out. I’ve given you ultimatum after ultimatum. And yet here I am, begging you again. 

Please stop drinking. It’s tearing our family apart. The kids miss their Daddy. I miss my husband. 

I’ve gone grey with worry. My face is lined beyond my years. The kids are unsettled at school. My house smells like a brewery.

Why have I stuck around for so long? Because I still love you for Christ’s sake.


25 thoughts on “Everlasting Love

  1. An all-too-real story. I’m not sure if I agree with her wanting to stay with him if he won’t get help. It almost sounds like she’s fighting a losing battle.

  2. Sometimes love is not enough & definitely not when its your family and sanity that is at stake!Hope she sees the senselessness of it all & gets professional help for her husband before its too late.Amazing use of the prompt:)

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