This week’s challenge from is to use the word ‘blood’ and the definition ‘relationship by descent from common ancestor’ in a piece between 33 and 333 words long.

As little girls growing up, we loved being identical twins. We loved being stared at, we loved the double takes, we loved the attention. We loved looking in the mirror and feeling like we had double vision. We loved being a double act, always together.

We loved each other.

We’d spend hours planning matching outfits. Everything would match, right down to our earrings. We knew what suited us. We knew what we looked good in. We knew everything about how we looked – if you couldn’t see something on yourself, you just had to look at the other and see it. Hell, we even got spots in the same places.

The one thing that remained a mystery to us though, was what did our blood look like? Yes, we’d seen it when we’d cut ourselves falling in the school playground or shaving our legs…but we were blood, it flowed through our veins, made us alive, made us the same. We wondered what our blood must look like. 

Like red wine?

Was it as red as the fiery ginger hair on our heads?

Was it transparent? Could you see things in it, like the freckles on our noses, or our favourite films, or our first memories? Was it like an autobiography?

Was it beautiful, like a melted red rose?

Or was it something more icky, like ketchup?

There were endless possibilities. There always were when we were together.

What I didn’t expect, was for it to look like the scarlet puddle it did as you lay dead by the side of the road that day.

It looked like the inside of my heart.


37 thoughts on “Twins

  1. Wow! Stellar lines throughout! Final line, in particular, is wonderful. What terrific storytelling throughout and what an unexpected twist at the end. I wonder what the future will now hold?

  2. Oh, the angst! Glorious, heart-breaking stuff! I love the many different imaginings of what the blood may look like. I particularly liked the wording of: “Was it beautiful, like a melted red rose?”

    Really well done; I loved it.

  3. Whew, chilling – and the fact that you get that sense, like something like the twist is coming, makes it all the more suspenseful. “Like a melted rose” was a great description, but even better I think was the one at the end “like the inside of my heart.” So much good stuff going on here!

  4. ARG. Great piece, but that just means it was great at twisting the knife unexpectedly. Amazing how you built up such a picture of sororal love in so few words and then…

    Did I mention “Arg”?

  5. Very enjoyable little tale you’ve got here – builds a nice picture and engages you in their relationship and life well. I like the sort-of segue-y thing into their curiosity about blood but as much as I REALLY like that “puddle” line at the end, the finale doesn’t seem to gel well with the way you’ve written the rest.
    Thanks, that was a great use of the prompt!

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