The Tale of Carrie and George

This week’s challenge from is to write between 33 and 333 words, including the word ‘pedantic’, with the definition ‘unimaginative’.

Carrie and George were an average couple. He was a doctor, she was a painter. They had a cat named Fluffles, and a goldfish named Spike. They lived in a second-floor apartment in London, and things were just tickety-boo. Or so they seemed…

Four years into their relationship, Carrie began to get restless. Her paintings, and her moods, became increasingly erratic. George began to get restless too. He wanted to marry Carrie. He liked how this rhymed. He wanted children too. He told Carrie, and there was a big fight.

Carrie laughed at him for being so pedantic. Marriage? Children? Who wanted those?! So unimaginative! She told George she didn’t want to be with him anymore. She was going to travel, see the world, walk barefoot through Thailand, eat pizza in Rome, and drink tequila in Mexico. She was going to paint everything she saw along the way.

She packed up and left right there and then. George was sad, but knew he’d find someone else to marry and have kids with.

As Carrie crossed the road outside their London flat, she did not see the bus come around the corner.

Her skull hit the kerb with a crack.


16 thoughts on “The Tale of Carrie and George

  1. Maybe Carrie was a bit short sighted… all the doctors I know can easily afford to send their families around the world. Maybe it was the idea of kids. Or maybe she’d rather travel on her own with proceeds from the divorce settlement.

  2. Tickety-boo – I love that – I never heard it before. Poor both of them. At least Carrie didn’t know what hit her so she could have no regrets. I was Carrie – minus the bus accident – years ago.

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