Freak Show

This week’s challenge is to use the word ‘freak’, and the definition ‘one that is markedly unusual or abnormal’, in a piece 33-333 words long. 

My family’s always been in the circus. Since the days of wooden caravans, and way before candyfloss was ever even thought of. Can you imagine?! 

Lots has changed over the years, like we don’t have a lion tamer, or elephants anymore. But we do still have a red and white striped big top. And we still have freaks.

Aside from always travelling around with the circus, I’m like any other fourteen year-old girl. I love make-up, and pizza, and celebrity magazines. I like hanging out with my best friend in the circus, Bessie – she’s an acrobat.

And like every other fourteen year-old girl, there’s stuff that bothers me too. Like, I wish boys would notice me, and find me attractive. Especially the tightrope walker’s son – he’s hot. I wish I could fit in with the rest of the acrobats too. I’m sure Bessie only hangs out with me because she feels sorry for me. I also wish I was as beautiful as my Mum. She’s a trapeze artist, and the most graceful person I know. More graceful than I’ll ever be, that’s for sure.

I like circus life though, most of the time. I like the bright lights, the sparkling costumes, the audience’s excitement. When I’m older, I’d quite like to be a juggler. I think I’d be good at it with my three arms.

You see, I’d love to be a trapeze artist, or one of the acrobats. But just like the bearded woman, and the two-headed dog before me, I’m the freak.


14 thoughts on “Freak Show

  1. Fantastic! You got the voice down perfectly, and such a great set-up for the ending. When I read “And we still have freaks” I thought, Oh, man, too bad – she didn’t follow the rules! A great little bit of misdirection, intentional or no. 🙂

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