This Charming Man

Haven’t done one of these in a while! This week’s is to include the word ‘charm’ in a 33-333 word piece, using the definition ‘to control an animal, typically by charms’. 

I first met him in the East.

I travelled a lot when I was younger. I saw temples, and jungles, and great rivers, and many a paradise. I adored animals, and got to feed chimpanzees, ride an elephant, and swim with dolphins (and lots of plankton).

That’s what first drew me to him. The beautiful snake wrapped around his shoulders. I’d seen men like him before, with an upturned hat by the dusty roadside. But this was different. We were in a bar, for one. He was stood there, leaning against the wall, pint in one hand, snake in the other. It was certainly an ice breaker. We got chatting, I stroked the snake – Giles, it was called – and we danced to The Smiths. I’d known a few charmers in my time (ha), but never one quite like him.

He treated me like royalty. We travelled together for six months. He bought me exquisite shawls, treated me to delicious meals in India, and Morocco, and Monte Carlo. We saw the world together. He loved animals too, and we rode camels together across the desert. He was my perfect man. My Prince Charming. As my mother used to say, he could charm the birds from the trees.

We returned to England together, one rainy autumn day. We checked into a hotel, exhausted, but happy, and excited to start our new life together.

When I woke up the next morning, he was gone.

I never saw him again.


12 thoughts on “This Charming Man

  1. I don’t want to know how often that happens to people. I think it’s more often than any of us would like to think.
    I was totally with the narrator in that love affair, and I felt the emptiness when it ended. So quickly and unexpectedly.
    -Alicia Audrey

  2. Intriguing fellow. With all the places they traveled, it’s not surprising that he’d not stay in one place too long. Funny thing with the charmer is that the signs might seem obvious to anyone else, but when caught up in the romance, it’s a complete shock when it ends 🙂

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