The New Husband

This week are asking for a piece that includes the word ‘band’ with the definition ‘to gather together/unite’.

I’d spent the entire morning at work thinking about you. And about the amazing sex we’d had the night before. I couldn’t wait to get home to you.

My wife.

I couldn’t believe we were finally married. I was floating on clouds of happiness.

On my lunch break, I had to go into town to pick up our wedding album from the photographer’s studio. We couldn’t wait to see the pictures.

But now you never will.

The afternoon back at the office dragged, and I noticed my honeymoon tan was starting to fade.

We hadn’t had much sleep the night before, and I was shattered. A glum afternoon.

As soon as the big hand on the clock signalled 5pm, I logged out of my computer, packed my things up, and left to get home to you.

I was so looking forward to giving you a ‘hello’ kiss, smelling that wonderful smell of your hair, and looking at our wedding photos together.

When I got home, you weren’t there. I went into the bedroom, your clothes were gone. Your toothbrush was gone from the bathroom.

I racked my brains to try and think if I’d forgotten you were going away. I went into the kitchen to get the phone, and that’s when I saw it, glinting in the early evening sun.

Your wedding ring. The ring that was supposed to band us together for all of eternity. Just lying there on the window ledge. Next to the washing up liquid. Looking distinctly out of place.


13 thoughts on “The New Husband

  1. What the heck happened here? I desperately want to know.

    I love this look at new marriage, love, from a the man’s POV. I don’t get to read the sweet side, emotional side, from this angle too often. I really liked this. Thanks for linking up this week.

    Okay, so what is his secret? What did he do? 😉

  2. Well first, I actually kniw a man this happened to, he’s an old boyfriend of mine and coincidentally I was just talking to him about a week ago, 16 year ago he got married on December and by the next September his wife had just left him.. Explanations were hollow and it took him years to recover from her sudden departure.. He’s okay (dare I say incredible and happy now.. And still single)

    All of that to say that the male POV with this was so good and heartrending. I felt every word, wanted to sit with him at the end and ask.. ‘what did you miss?’. I don’t blame him.. Sometimes you are hurt and blindsided by people that have their own agendas.

    I really liked it, thanks for linking up this week.

    • Gosh, this was totally made up, I’ve never heard of this actually happening to anyone before, but I guess it does. I’m glad your friend got through it in the end. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Personally I like that we don’t know exactly what happened to make her leave. That’s what makes the story for me.

    Just an idea: instead of “floating on clouds of happiness” (which is a bit cliche), why not describe something about the way he acted, in order to give us that same impression without using that phrase?

    Also, I’m not sure you need to say “looking distinctly out of place”. The fact that it is abandoned next to the washing up liquid does the trick, don’t you think?

    I hope you don’t mind me expressing these thoughts. I welcome comments in the same spirit of constructive criticism!

      • Ok great. I’m glad you’re not offended! I find it good to give and receive constructive criticism once in a while. Please feel free to comment on any of my stuff, good, bad or indifferent!

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