Cake and Confusion

This week’s challenge is to write 33-333 words including the word ‘grasp’, using the definition ‘to lay hold of with the mind – comprehend’.

‘I want some cake.’

‘I would like a piece of cake please.’

‘May I have some cake?’

I’ve been waiting all day for a piece of cake, but the man who says his name is Eddie seems very forgetful. When he eventually brings it, it’s slightly stale, and he claims I haven’t been waiting all day, only five minutes. I look up at the man and frown, it had been longer than that surely. And who was he anyway? What was his name again?

I get like this sometimes now. I can’t always put names to faces. And I fail to grasp time. Days can go by in seconds. Minutes can feel like hours.

That man who says his name is Eddie comes to see me a lot. Sometimes he reads to me. Sometimes he just sits and smiles, and holds my hand. Once I caught him crying. I’m not surprised really, it wasn’t a good day, I had to ask for my cake five times that day, and had to shout before they brought it.

I do remember some things though. I remember being very small in a garden full of lavender. I remember a dog called Buster, and wearing a green school uniform. I remember getting married, wearing an ivory dress. I vaguely remember a man named Edward. I remember the pain of childbirth, and I remember getting my first grey hair. I remember the doctor asking me lots of confusing questions, and a young woman who looked startlingly like the man who says his name is Eddie, squeezing my hand.

I remember wanting cake. Where is my cake? The man is still sat there. He has cake, and all I have is a plate of crumbs. He must have eaten mine too.

‘Can I have a slice of cake please?’


18 thoughts on “Cake and Confusion

  1. So sad. I think most of us know someone in this situation, and it’s brutal to watch. A second childhood, but we expect more from them because they’re older. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to come back and vote at the end.

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